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Canada's 5th Annual
Postpartum Depression Awareness Month
Coming this January 2015...
More information to be released this Fall!

Advocate for Postpartum Depression!
By joining PMDA as a Chapter Advocate.
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
~ Margaret Mead ~

PMDA is a Network of Moms & Individuals across Canada who feel passionate about increasing Awareness, Education and Advocacy for Postpartum Depression & Perinatal Mood Disorders.
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PMDA provides FREE SUPPORT for Moms, Dads & Families affected by PPD & PMD's across Canada.
Find support here:

Facebook Support:
Okanagan, BC
Edmonton, AB
Lethbridge, AB
Saskatoon, SK
Halifax, NS
Whitehorse, YK

Virtual Support Group - Chat with other Moms:
Are you looking for support for a perinatal mood disorder?
PMDA has a Facebook Virtual Peer Support Group for Perinatal Mood Disorders, a place to chat with other Moms about PMD's.
Click here to join!

PMDA Forum:
Do you suspect you might be suffering from a Perinatal Mood Disorder? Are you looking for support? Maybe you live somewhere remote with few resources, or possibly you find it very difficult to reach out for help.
The PMDA Forum is an Online Virtual Peer Support Group for Moms & Dads who need support for postpartum depression and perinatal mood disorders.
Click here to check it out!

PMDA Support Groups:
Register for a PMDA Support Group in your area!
Did you know that PMDA offers FREE SUPPORT GROUPS for Perinatal Mood Disorders?
If we don't have a support group close to you, we can help you find one, as well as other resources to support your needs.

PMDA Peer Supporters at Large:
The Peer Supporters at Large program provides one to one peer support for individuals affected by PPD & PMD's.


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PMDA Anthology
PMDA is accepting submissions for it's upcoming
Anthology about Perinatal Mood Disorders.
For more information visit:
PMDA Anthology


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January is... Postpartum Depression
Awareness Month!

January 2011 Edmonton, Alberta marked the 1st Postpartum Depression Awareness month proclaimed anywhere in Canada!
Each year this Awareness Period continues to grow, now officially proclaimed in the provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It is our hope to acheive a Nationally recognized Awareness Period for Postpartum Depression & Perinatal Mood Disorders!

View proclamations

Raise Awareness in Your community every January with the Hats Off To Moms Campaign!
to find out how!
...Mothers are far more likely to seek treatment for PPD
when their communities are educated about the illness...

There are many ways YOU can support PMDA and it's efforts:
-Get Involved!
Donate or Sponsor
PDA Anthology
-Sign our Petition at

Be the change you wish to see in the world.
~Mahatma Gandhi~

Why choose January?
Many Moms will tell you, January in Canada is arguably the hardest month of the year. With fewer hours of sunlight, extreme cold, record snowfalls, and dangerous driving conditions, it is a month even Winter lovers would like to avoid. It is a time of year that is particularly difficult for Moms with babies and small children. Getting out of the house with young children is already a monumental task, one even more difficult to accomplish in the Winter months, and seemingly insurmountable for Moms dealing with a Mood Disorder such as Depression or Anxiety. It is a time of year that makes sense to acknowledge the more difficult parts of parenting and some of the very serious issues that Moms face while raising our next generation.

**Fun Fact**
Did you know that several states in the United States of America have declared May Perinatal Depression Awareness Month?! Some of these states include: New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, California and New York.