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Special Interview with Wendy Isnardi, author of Nobody Told Me...My Battle with Postpartum Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

posted May 15, 2011, 10:13 PM by Tascheleia Marangoni
PPDA: When did you first realize that you had postpartum depression?
Wendy: About 3 weeks Postpartum is when I realized I was going through PPD.

PPDA: What steps did you take to find help?
Wendy: First I contacted my OBGYN, not much help there, just prescribed me medication i told me I would be fine. I was on a mission to get better so I contacted everyone including my Lamaze Instructor, who in turn introduced me to The Postpartum Resource Center of New York. The Resource Center gave me all the tools I needed to help my recovery.

PPDA: How easy or difficult was it for you to find help? What do you feel there is a need for in terms of PPD?
Wendy: At first it was difficult.  I happen to be very fortunate to find the help I needed with competent doctors and therapists treating me.  I believe in education all around beginning with your OB and continuing through the hospitals and even pediatricians, who often see the new mother shortly after the birth.  People need to recognize and refer PPD as soon as possible, in order to prevent it from spiraling deeper.

PPDA: When did you realize your PPD was not just PPD, but OCD as well?
Wendy: I did not know it was OCD, till I was screened by a truly competent doctor. One who took the time to realize the symptoms, rather than just subscribe to a cookie cutter theory about PPD/OCD.  The doctor needs to be truly interested and educated in this form of PPD/OCD.

PPDA: What inspired you to share your story in the form of a book?
Wendy: I had been volunteering for 8 years and helping other women. I felt  if I could write a book to go out to those who need the help, rather than just wait for them to look for the help the need.  After several CNN interviews and being published in SELF magazine, I thought i may have a story to tell, that might help someone.

PPDA: What are your goals for your book and what are your future plans?
Wendy: I want to reach as many Families in need, supporting anyone who needs it, man, woman, child, sibling, grandparent or otherwise.  I dont want to see anyone suffer the way I did. I hope to perhaps write a second book on the dialogues I have had with women from all walks of life, in my phone support.  A book with enough variation and experience that i can touch upon as many situations that may relate to the reader.

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