The Many Hats You Wear Workshop

Sunday, July 17th
2:00 - 4:00pm
The Many Hats You Wear Workshop
at Headcase Hats
10125 124 Street
Edmonton, AB, T5N 1P5
Phone: 780.757.4755

**Registration still open for the 5KM Walk, Register this day at Headcase Hats**

One week prior to the 5KM Walk we will be holding a Hat Workshop at Headcase Hats. One of the ideas behind the 5KM Walk is that we are celebrating all that Women/Mothers are, their many roles and responsibilities. We are doing this in part by asking participants to wear a hat that represents one of their roles in life as a Woman/Mother. For example: Mother, Chef, Mechanic, Accountant, Maid, Business Woman, Teacher, Friend, Diva etc...!

At the Hat Workshop, you can bring a hat of yours along to fix up or purchase something at Headcase Hats or attend just to get some ideas!!
Headcase Hats owner Sandra Mattar will discuss a little bit about the rise and fall of hats in our culture and how they have evolved to express our personal tastes & lifestyle needs etc. In this workshop, women are invited to bring or borrow an old hat for a 'renovation', or they can purchase one from headcase for 15% off. Headcase Hats will be taking pictures for a 'Wall of Fame' created just for the participants of this workshop. Let us know why you love your hat, what you use it for and what is your favourite 'hat' that you wear in real life!!

We will also use this time to hand out the 5KM Walk Kits to those who have not received them, have participants hand in their pledges and tie up any loose ends before the walk!!

See you there!