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Meet a Doula Information Night

Meet a group of Labour and Postpartum Doulas who will offer you information on how a doula can support you and your partner during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Third Tuesday of each month Birth Source Inc. 5024-106 ave Edmonton 780-758-2525 or Call Mitzi at 780-450-0983 for further information


Women's Mental Health Conference
Calgary, Alberta
March 2nd, 2012

By the end of this program, participants’ knowledge will be enhanced regarding the identi.cation and
treatment of mood and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum. Partcipants will be able to:
-Develop strategies to assist in the identi.cation of mother-infant attachment issues
-Explain the key features of anxiety and mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum
-Utilize screening tools to assess at-risk moms
-Create treatment plans that include both pharmacological and non-pharmacological options

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Sophie Grigoriadis, MD PhD FRCPC
Dr. Cheryl Beck, DNSc CNM FAAN

Organized by University of Calgary
for more information e-mail: cme@ucalgar