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Restorative Art & Dance for the Postpartum Period Workshop


This is a workshop designed to aid in the process of healing and transition that all Mother's go through in the postpartum period. We know the transition to Motherhood with each child is such an enormous event, that it is ongoing. Mother's who have had a child within the last five years are welcome to participate in this workshop.

Throughout the four hours we will be exploring the many aspects of ourselves as Mothers through Art and Dance. The first two hours will be spent in an Art room focused on the healing process of expression through visual creation. The second two hours will occur in a Dance room where the participants will be taken through an in depth warm up, and then led through a series of healing movements and then into a response to their artistic creations.

What to Bring:

Please come dressed in old clothes that can withstand some paint splatters and are comfortable to move in.
Be sure bring a water bottle and healthy snack with you. Breaks will be provided.


Registration is required. To do so please contact Tascheleia at 778.215.7418 or
Cost: $100/participant

About the Instructor:

This workshop will be led by Tascheleia Marangoni (Tosca). Tosca is a professional dance instructor with over 30 years of training and experience as a dancer, instructor, choreographer and producer. Tosca has studied over 15 different forms of dance and has taught all ages from the young to the old. Her knowledge of and passion for dance is immediately evident in all that she does and she is a very enjoyable person to take classes from!

Tosca is also the Founding Executive Director of this organization, PPDA, and has made it one of her life goals to increase Awareness and Resources for postpartum depression and perinatal mood disorders, and to work to remove the stigma attached to this illness. Tosca has worked very hard the last three years building this organization, and has interacted with a wide variety of women and families affected by this illness.

Tosca is also a passionate artist, and has dabbled in the Arts all her life. From a young age, dance was not the only art form that caught her eye. Over the years Tosca has done a great deal of work as a muralist, a painter, a calligrapher, a 3D artist, and a writer of poetry, blogs, articles and essays. Over the last couple of years Tosca has also begun to experiment with photography.

Through all of these life experiences Tosca has found a theme, and that is one of healing. Together her training and passion in these areas can be channeled in many directions, one being a Workshop of Restoration for the Postpartum Period!