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PPDA Art Auction 2013

PPDA Art Auction in support of Postpartum Depression 2013!

January is Postpartum Depression Awareness Month!

During this important Awareness period, PPDA is holding an Art Auction to raise AWARENESS for postpartum mood disorders and to raise operational funding for the organization.
The Art Auction will be held in 3 cities this year: Edmonton, AB;  Calgary, AB;  Kelowna, BC.
For more information about each event, please visit the corresponding links below.

PPDA Art Auction 2013 Locations
Edmonton, AB ** Sponsors
Calgary, AB ** Sponsors
Kelowna, BC ** Sponsors

If you would like to DONATE a piece of artwork to one of our events,
please send an email to: Thank you!

Below is one of the beautiful pieces of work that will be featured at our Kelowna Art Auction. This piece was done specifically for our organization by a very talented artist name Kenny Charles.
~ Kenny Charles 2012 ~

Thank you for your support, we look forward to seeing you there!