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PMDA Anthology

PMDA is putting together an Anthology of Stories about Postpartum Depression and Perinatal Mood Disorders. This is one of PMDA's Resource Projects. A book filled with the stories, experiences and advice from people who have been in some way affeced by Perinatal Mood Disorders, will be an important resource for Canadians!

PMDA is looking for contributions from YOU! Please contribute within the following guidlines:

Subject Matter:
Subject must relate to postpartum depression and perinatal mood disorders, whether you yourself have suffered from them, have a spouse who has suffered from them, or a friend/family member who has been affected. If you are a professional who has worked to help people dealing with PPD & PMD's you may also have some important information to share.

-Stories, articles, poetry, essays, short stories, art work, photographs

-Any length is acceptable as everything will go through the editing process.

-September 2014

Please send all inquiries & submissions to:
Tascheleia Marangoni
Founding Executive Director
778.215.7418 BC

"If you're not contributing, then what are you doing?"
~Hery Setyopurnomo~