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Dr. Jane Carr testimonial

I am privileged to be able to serve women and their families as they heal in this support group.  I am so thankful to PPDA and Tascheleia Marangoni for making this possible.  She is tireless in her efforts.

We have women in the group who have benefited from traditional medical treatments, complimentary medical, and a combination of both.   The creation of a place of support and trust has been a joy to be part of.  We have also made some strong connections with wellnesscare providers in the community. Their generosity in sharing their time and expertise supports all that the group itself is doing.  They also share in the vision of Awareness.

The biggest benefits I have seen are the shifts in confidence, self-esteem and empowerment in the women who are part of the group.  Way to grow!

Jane C. Carr MD FRCP (C)
Psychiatrist and Wellness Advocate.