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Testimonial Letter from Support Group participant 1

I first came to the PPDA support group when my daughter Claire was 5 1/2 weeks old and have attended since for the past four months. I had never been to a support group before and was pleasantly surprised at what an integral part of my recovery it has become. Despite my best efforts to prepare for motherhood, I was completely overwhelmed by Claire's needs and the difficulty of the postpartum period. Despite having dealt with mental illness in the past, I was reluctant to admit that I might have postpartum depression. I have found the support group to be welcoming, non-judgmental, and caring. Finally there was a place to freely share my real feelings and struggles (as well as the occasional thoughts of calling the hospital maternity ward to discuss their return policy!). The programming and educational components of the group are carefully planned and always well-received by the participants. Family members and support people are also welcome – I have brought both my husband and my mother and value the opportunity to include and educate them. The PPDA support group is an invaluable service to women and their families in the Edmonton area, and I hope it is able to grow and continue in its mission throughout the coming years.