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2013: the year for you?

posted Jan 15, 2013, 7:57 PM by Melissa Baker   [ updated Jan 15, 2013, 7:57 PM by Tascheleia Marangoni ]
It's now the middle of January. A lot of people have probably given up their resolutions, even though it's not too late to keep them (since, you know, it's only January).

Did you make any resolutions this year? I did. Aside from the usual "get fit, lose weight" resolutions (already broken, lol), I also resolved to spend some time focusing on me.

Maternal self-care is not a new concept. In fact, in doing reading for this post, I found that essentially everything about postpartum maternal health includes at least a mention of self-care.

Taking care of ourselves is important. Yes, we're mothers, wives, partners, etc. Yes, we wear many hats. But how will we help those who need us if we're feeling worn down, ill, and not ourselves? We won't. So we do have to spend some time thinking about ourselves.

I admit, doing that feels foreign to me at times. But my counselor made it clear that I have to spend some time thinking about me, so that I am well enough to think about others. Which is...a bit strange, but I see her point.

So this year, I resolve to spend more time beading (I bead and make jewelry to relax), more time reading for fun (I don't usually), more time meditating or doing ballet...basically, I resolve to spend more time doing the things I've always meant to do but just never made the time for. (I also resolve not to feel guilty about doing so.) Of course, doing all this won't be at the expense of time spent with my family. But sometimes I'll get Hubby to watch the kids, or ask a friend to watch them, so I can go get some "me time" to recharge.

My thinking is, if I'm recharged, then I'll have more energy to play with my kids and to spend time with my family in general. (Of course, it's just a theory at this point.)

So this year, maybe we should all resolve to spend some time focusing on ourselves. That way, we can then spend more quality time focusing on others.

Has there been a book you've been wanting to read? A movie you've wanted to go see? A new outfit you wanted to buy? Maybe you've always wanted to get a massage, or go for coffee with a friend without your kids in tow. Maybe this is the year to do it.

What do you say? Should we make 2013 the year for you?