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Dear Dr. X: My Letter To My OB-GYN

posted Jun 30, 2014, 7:36 AM by AndrewandSarah Witzel

About a year and half after my daughter was born, I mailed the following letter to the OB-GYN who had been in charge of my care for my pregnancy and postpartum visit. I never received a response, but I am glad that I sent it, both to have a little more closure for myself, and to hopefully improve the care of her future patients.

Dear Dr. X,

I was an obstetrical patient of yours in 2011 and am writing to inform you, for your own knowledge, that you missed my diagnosis of postpartum depression.

At my postpartum appointment in December 2011, you brushed off my concerns of rapid weight loss and anxiety. In the following weeks my mental health continued to worsen. Fortunately my condition (which was full blown PPD with an Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale score of 15) was caught at a public health appointment later on. I went on to receive appropriate and successful, albeit delayed, treatment.

You are an excellent doctor with an obvious abundance of compassion for your patients. I ask only that you assess postnatal mood disorders more cautiously in the future, particularly for women who may not present with what you consider to be typical symptoms.

All the best,