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Help Is A Click Away - Online Resources for Perinatal Mood Disorders

posted Feb 2, 2015, 6:40 AM by AndrewandSarah Witzel   [ updated Feb 2, 2015, 6:41 AM ]
One of the most difficult things about perinatal mood disorders is that they can lead to deep feelings of isolation. Fortunately, online resources can be very helpful, especially when you don’t feel up to going out, or feel shy about discussing mental health in person. Of course, these resources do not replace counselling and other mainstays of recovery, but they are excellent as a starting point, a way to learn more about mood disorders, and eventually an opportunity to share your own story if you wish. Below are only a few of the available resources:

Postpartum Progress - This is an excellent blog written by a woman who has overcome severe postpartum depression, with many guest posts from other women. It features personal stories as well as helpful information and tips on handling and recovering from all kinds of perinatal mood disorders.

Postpartum Support International - This organization has a helpful website, with lots of information for women and their families. Most importantly, they also havea a helpline! Call 800.944.4PPD (4773) to speak to a trained volunteer about your perinatal mood disorder.

Perinatal Mood Disorders Awareness Ltd - Of course I need to highlight our own website! PMDA has worked hard to develop a website with many resources. Besides information, you can also find more personalized support through our organization. See here for a list of volunteers who can provide peer support, or message us to be added to our private facebook support group.