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The Green-eyed Monster

posted Jul 2, 2014, 8:16 PM by AndrewandSarah Witzel   [ updated Jul 7, 2014, 11:47 AM ]

I believe that, at least at some point, it is impossible to not get jealous or even resentful of other moms who do not have a perinatal mood disorder Other moms seem to get lots done, have the energy to take lots of cute pictures of their babies, and generally enjoy life as a mother, when a PPD mom finds it challenging to just get through the day. Here are a few thoughts that have helped me work past those feelings.

Limit your social media use - Facebook, Instagram, and other sites only show the parts of people’s lives that they want to show. Dwelling on other mom’s pictures and updates is counterproductive, and decreasing your exposure may be beneficial. I write more on the topic of social media and PPD in this post.

Join a PPD support group  - having a peer group that includes other moms with PPD can help you feel less isolated, and that you are the only one not loving every minute of motherhood. 

Remember that things aren’t always as they seem - All mothers have struggles and hard times, even if they don’t seem obvious. I remember meeting a friend of a friend who had recently had twin boys. She seemed like supermom - effortlessly hauling two bucket car seats and getting both babies to sleep at the time without any fussing. When I mentioned my impression to our mutual friend, she confided that the twins’ mom had been feeling overwhelmed and like she wasn't doing a good job. The outward appearance didn't reflect how she really felt.

Remind yourself that it won’t last - Perinatal mood disorders can be overcome. Even though the start can be really, really rough, you can and will eventually feel the way you want to. It may feel that things will be this way forever, but your journey with your child has just begun.