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Hospitals & Birth Centres

Royal Alexandria Hospital
Lois Hole Hospital for Women

Women's Reproductive Mental Health Support Program
Contact: Women's Wellness @ 780-735-4718

The Women’s Reproductive Mental Health Support Program offers assessment and treatment for women experiencing personal problems/issues related to reproductive life stages such as:

  • pregnancy/reproductive technologies

  • pregnancy/birth/postpartum

  • perimenopause/menopause

Individual therapy, group therapy and in some cases, couple therapy, are offered to those women presenting any of the following concerns, including:

  • anxiety/depression during pregnancy

  • post partum depression

  • stress/anxiety related to reproductive technology difficulties

  • birth trauma

  • grief from early or late pregnancy loss, including neonatal loss, and support for subsequent pregnancies

  • individual, relationship and family difficulties arising during menopause

  • teen pregnancy issues

  • pelvic pain and pelvic pain treatment

  • stress/anxiety in coping with gynecologic disease/surgery/chronic pain

We work with other professionals in the areas listed above to ensure that clients receive the range of care appropriate to their individual needs.

Michelle Brandenburg, R.P.N.
Mental Health Therapist


Patti Walker, RN, BN
Regional Bereavement Coordinator


Debby Boddington, M.Ed., R. Psych
Registered Psychologist


Barbara Walter, MA, R. Psych
Registered Psychologist



Stony Plain Westview Health Centre
Healthy Beginnings Postpartum Program

Provides home nursing services including:
-health assessment,
-education, and
-support to all families up to the first two months after birth and hospital discharge.


Lucina Centre
Birth and Family Wellness

Welcome to Lucina Midwives. Our clinic is located in the beautiful Lucina Centre, in close proximity to the Misericordia hospital in the west-end of Edmonton. We are a small group of midwives providing maternity care to healthy women and their families during the childbearing year. As registered midwives, we offer holistic, individualized, evidence-based care during pregnancy, labour, birth and the first six weeks after your baby is born. We believe that having a baby is a profound and deeply important event in a woman’s life.

Our goal is to support you in making informed choices that will allow this experience to be positive and empowering. Our model of care enables us to build a personal relationship with you over the course of your pregnancy. We value this continuity of care because we believe that women feel safest and well supported during labour and birth when they are with a known and trusted care provider. As primary care givers our services are fully funded by Alberta Health Services. They do not yet fund free standing birthing centres so therefore there is a facility fee for the Birthing Centre. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your wishes and needs for maternity care.