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Midwives & Doulas

ASAC: Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth

The Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth is a part of a growing network of parents and health professionals who believe that childbirth is a normal and healthy part of life, of special significance to the pregnant woman and her family.

Birth Issues Magazine

Birth Issues is the magazine published for the past 30 years that educates Canadians about options in Childbirth. It is well-known for its birth stories written by ordinary, yet extra-ordinary, families. Its aim is to provide a positive perspective on childbirth and to push the boundaries of the status-quo.


Doula Association of Edmonton



Mother Haven
Janelle Schmidt

Mother Haven

  • Allows mothers to share their story

  • Recognizes that becoming a mother is a transition and a rite of passage

  • Respects each mother’s unique journey

  • Supports mothers to learn, grow and be inspired

  • Encourages meaningful connections with other mothers

Mother Haven…a place where mothers can feel supported nurtured and educated.

A sharing circle for new mothers is happening at Terwillegar Rec Centre Sept. 29 to Nov3, from 1:15-2:45pm. The sharing circles will be ongoing. Please call for future dates and times.

Mother Haven can help mothers with PPD by offering a place where they can share their feelings in a nonjudgmental, listening and respectful environment. They also learn how their experiences, expectations and emotions affect their mothering journey as well as PPD. Information, tools and resources are given to mothers to help them cope with whatever they are facing. Research has shown that peer support can reduce the incidences of PPD. In one Canadian study (Dennis et al, 2009) showed that of the 701 women who were at high risk of experiencing depression, those that were part of a peer support program were significantly less likely to experience PPD than those who were not a part of the peer support program.

Mother Haven offers peer support in a safe environment where mothers can speak and share their story; offering a cushioning effect for the major transition into motherhood.


A Helping Hand Natural Childbirth Preparation Classes
Nancy Johnson, Instructor
These classes help parents take ownership of their birth experience. An understanding of the art and science of birth helps parents prepare well for the experience and to make informed and satisfying choices as consumers of birth services. The classes also explore the changes and challenges of life with a new baby, how dad can be a skillful support during the postpartum period, and where families can find community support and companionship on their journey into parenthood.

A Helping Hand Homebirth Support Services
Nancy Johnson, Birth Attendant
Support services for families planning homebirth. Unhurried, personalized prenatal care and ongoing birth education help parents prepare physically and emotionally for birth. Recognizing the vital importance of postpartum support, home postpartum visits are ongoing for at least six weeks following the birth, longer if needed. They are specially tailored to individual family needs to provide one-on-one help with self-care, newborn care, breastfeeding, coping with the transition to parenthood, and ongoing emotional support.


Mitzi Gerber


Doula Care
A group of independent, like minded doulas, offereing labour and postpartum support in Edmonton and surrounding area.


Amy MacQuarrie

Prenatal & postpartum in home care
Birth & Postpartum Doula


Pam Davey

Birth and Postpartum Doula