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Prevention: Pre & Post Natal Services

If science and health professionals knew the exact cause and cure for Perinatal Mood Disorders then prevention would not be necessary, But the reality is that a lot is still unknown about PMDs. Therefore the English Idiom: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure may hold some sway here. At the same time, prevention is not full proof however I do believe that people are always better off when they are informed; Education makes a world of difference!

There are many steps a family can take toward preventing PMDs, it will be different for everyone. Not saying that every pregnant woman should go to great lengths to prevent something she may never develop. However if you suspect that you or your spouse may develop a MPD then it is wise to do what you can to either prevent it or at least lessen it's effects. There are so many different reasons why someone might develop a PMD and no guaranteed way to prevent it, but there are some basic steps that can be taken. Below I have listed some resources that may help with prevention. If you are seriously looking for preventative help be sure to read through ALL of the resources on the website.

Postpartum Plan
The first step in prevention is to create a POSTPARTUM PLAN. Just as you might create a Birth Plan, to give some thought as to how you would like your birth to go, It is equally important to give some thought as to how things might go postpartum. Click here for the PPDA Postpartum Plan and create your own today!


Holistic Health Resource Page


Soothing Angels
Heather Plante

The one thing that makes being a parent so much more difficult is lack of sleep; both ours and our children’s. Exhaustion can compound the symptoms of PPD and intensify the anxiety we have as Moms.

Do you recognize any of the following:
you dread bedtime and/or naptime;
getting your child to sleep takes most of the evening;
you must use rocking, nursing, or singing to get your little one to sleep;
your own lack of sleep is affecting the type of parent you want to be;
your child gets out of bed and comes to your bed in the middle of the night;
your baby will only fall asleep in your arms

I will help you to gently coach your baby to learn to sleep through the night. By gently, I mean not having them cry it out alone. We will work together to teach your child to fall asleep independently and stay in bed all night. I will support you through the process I will help you and your little angel improve your days by improving your nights!


Natural Connections
Krystal Hoople RN, BScN, IBCLC

Pre-natal classes, Breastfeeding classes, Private in home lactation consulting, Phone consulting,
Mommy Connections postnatal group!


Pregnancy Care Centre

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy in Edmonton and surrounding areas, you can count on the trained volunteers at the Pregnancy Care Centre to help you find the answers and supports you are looking for. You do not have to face these things alone, and we don't want you to.
Mission Statement
To be the preferred choice for pregnancy and parenting support, post-abortive care and sexual education.
Vision Statement
To see society embrace and support the sanctity of human life, healthy sexual choices, and healing.


November is Pregnancy Awareness Month in Edmonton & Vancouver


Edmonton VBAC Support Association/ ICAN of Edmonton
(VBAC stands for vaginal birth after cesarean)
(ICAN stands for International Cesarean Awareness Network)
Claudia Villeneuve

Monthly parent meetings.
Cesarean prevention classes.


Parent Link
West Edmonton Parent Link
16811 - 88 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6R 3L9

The Jasper Place Child and Family Resource Society was established in 1972. The Society started off as a small child care centre. Over the years, the Centre's strong commitment to families has been a primary driving force in becoming a child and family resource centre for West Edmonton.
Today, the Centre offers a wide range of child and family related programs and services that focus on building healthy families.
A volunteer community-based Board of Directors governs the Centre's affairs and leads the Centre's vision.


Sleephaven Sleep Consultation
Margot Byer

Good sleep is essential for healthy lives – and a critical component in moving forward from Postpartum Depression. If you and your family are craving sleep, you are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that “insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic”.
As a Registered Occupational Therapist, I have had 30 years of experience working with children and their families. I completed Kim West’s extensive Gentle Sleep Coach training program to become a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach. I look forward to helping your tired family sleep.