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Alberta Health Services

Healthy Beginnings
Postpartum program for families living in Edmonton and area. For babies first two months of life Families have the option to consult with a nurse on the phone or in person with any questions or needs regarding the baby and Mother. Nurses will also visit families in their homes, especially if there is concern of PPD. Postpartum Depression screening is conducted at two months postpartum up until 4 months postpartum.

Bridges Program
Available only through referrals from Healthy Beginnings & health care professionals.
Available for Moms with high risk pregnancies who have little to no family support (such as cesareans and multiple births).
If you qualify you are eligible for 9 - 15 hours of home support with things like cleaning and cooking.
For more information contact Healthy Beginnings 780.413.7990

Capital Health Link
Nurses are available at this number 24-7 to answer any health questions you have - it is a wonderful service!

Public Health Centres
-Bonnie Doon Public Health Centre
8314 88 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6C 1L1
Telephone: 780-342-1520 Main Line
-Boyle McCauley Public Health Centres
10628 96 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 2J2
-East Edmonton Public Health Centre
7910 112 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 0C2
Telephone: 780-342-4700 Main Line
-Mill Woods Public Health Centre
7525 38 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T6K 3X9
Telephone: 780-342-1660 Main Line
-Northeast Public Health Centre
14007 50 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5A 5E4
Telephone: 780-342-4000
-Northgate Mall Public Health Centre
9499 137 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5E 5R8
Telephone: 780-342-2800 Main Line
-Rutherford Public Health Centre
11153 Ellerslie Road, Edmonton, Alberta, T6W 0E9
Telephone: 780-342-6800 Main Line
-Seventh Street Plaza Pubic Health Centre
10030 107 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 3E4
-Twin Brooks Public Health Centre
1110 113 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6J 7J4
Telephone: 780-342-1560 Main Line
-West Jasper Place Public Health Centre
9720 182 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5T 3T9
Telephone: 780-342-1234 Main Line
-Woodcroft Public Health Centre
13221 115 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 4B7
Telephone: 780-342-1600 Main Line

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