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Mom's Groups / Socializing

Amanda & Kandice
Kristin & Janine

Momstown is for neighbourhood moms wanting to connect for support, conversation and fun. We bring you an online calendar chock-full of momstown exclusive events, a 24-hour interactive message board (perfect for those sleepless nights), and exclusive member privileges and discounts.


Modern Mama

Modern Mama is mom-focused events involving fashion, lifestyle and parenting – all with baby in tow. Nannies will be on hand to assist Mom during the event. Enjoy the best of the City with your baby!

Mommy Connections
Carol McBee
Founder & President

Mommy Connections connects Mom, Dads and Families through pre & post natal programs.  Our programs are offered in 8 locations in Alberta and Ontario and offer a wide variety of educational topics through expert speakers during our 6 and 8 week programs.  Our programs were designed to get moms connected in their communities through socialization and education.


Edmonton Twin Triplet Club
Katie Vigen
Postpartum Support

We provide moral support and guidance for parents to promote an interest in, and supply informtion about multiple births. For more information on our meeting dates and programs please visit our website.


Family Edmonton

Connecting Families with their communites.


New Moms' Network
"For Moms with babies from birth to 6 months"

West Jasper Health Centre 9720 - 182 street

Mondays 1:30 - 3:30pm
6 sessions for $30.00

-bring your baby
-meet other moms
-community health nurse, guest speakers, videos, discussions
-connect with your local community
Topics Include
-adjusting to parenthood
-common concerns
-growth & development
-postpartum depression
-healthy eating
-dental health
-language development