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Matroreform Study

Research Study:

An Evolution of Mothering:

Understanding the Experience of Matroreform

Matroreform is a transformative maternal practice that is “an act, desire, and process of claiming motherhood power…a progressive movement to mothering that attempts to institute new mothering rules and practices apart from one’s motherline (Wong-Wylie, 2006. p. 739).

Research Purpose:

The purpose of this study is to explore the lived experiences of matroreform from mothers who self-identify as having made the intentional choice to mother her children in fundamentally different ways than how she was mothered. The goal of this research is to gain insight and indepth understanding into the phenomenon and process of matroreform.

If you are a mother and your eldest child is between 4-18 years of age and you have experiences of:

  1. choosing to mothering in different ways than how you were mothered;

  2. are open to discussing those experiences in a 1.5 - 3 hour audio-taped interview conversation for research purposes and completing a demographic information sheet, please contact:

Primary Researcher Research Assistant

Dr. Gina Wong, Associate Professor  

Ms. Anita SainiMaster’s Student

Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology

Athabasca University Athabasca Uniersity

Phone: 1-866-442-3089 (Toll Free) Phone: 780-289-3941

Email: Email:

Please contact the researchers to inquire further about the study. Research participants will be sought between April 2012-March 2013.