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U of A Brain Neurobiology Research Program ~ Postpartum Depression

University of Alberta
Department of Psychiatry
Brain Neurobiology Research Program
Postpartum Depression
Alyssa Mcewan, Graduate Student
Janisse Khudabux, Research Coordinator/Manager
Dr. Lemelledo, Psychiatrist

For more information or to participate in this study please call 780.407.3221

The Brain Neurobiology Research Program at the University of Alberta is using a state-of-art non-invasive method for measuring various brain neurochemicals using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). With this, we aim to identify the brain chemical imbalances that precede or are associated with the onset of postpartum depression. This study will provide the first MRI information regarding the neurobiological changes in postpartum depression. It will be an important step towards the development of prophylactic protocols and treatment strategies for those either at risk of developing postpartum depression, or already exhibiting postpartum depressive symptoms, respectively.

We are currently looking for women (16 to 45 years of age) in the following categories to participate in our postpartum research studies:

  1. Planning to become pregnant

  2. Already pregnant

  3. Recently delivered within last 6 months and are suffering from depressive symptoms

Expenses reimbursed! Free child-care will be available.

If you wish to participate in these studies, please call: 407-3221