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Moms Gone Mad

Moms Gone Mad: Motherhood and Madness, Opression and Resistance
Edited by Dr. Gina Wong
Release Date: Spring 2012
250 pages

About the Book
Impetus for this landmark collection emerged from the extraordinary success of the Moms Gone Mad: Motherhood and Madness Oppression and Resistance International Conference in New York City, 2009. Cultural meanings extolled on motherhood are often overlooked and many women struggle and personalize
issues to themselves and remain silent. This anthology synthesizes and roars out marginalized experiences of moms in a culture that relegates unconventional experiences to ‘craziness’ and her own ‘madness’. From a feminist perspective, scholars in motherhood across disciplines and mothers steeped in the experience have come together to capture multifarious experiences of oppression to resistance in a groundbreaking anthology that embodies motherhood empowerment. This book enhances dialogue and revolutionizes our understanding of motherhood constructions and experiences by exploring the underbelly of mothering and subjugated experiences such as women’s inhumanity to women and deconstructing notions of ‘mommy’ in literature/media that are oppressive. Critical examinations of the ‘good mother’, ‘mother-shame’, and ‘mother-guilt’, growing up a daughter of depression, body image and disordered eating in motherhood, postpartum depression are explored as well as experiences such as single motherhood, mothering a child with disability, and childlessness; and perceived anomalies such as losing a child to suicide and postpartum psychosis and more.

About the Editor
Dr. Gina Wong is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology at Athabasca University, Canada. She is a Registered Psychologist who specializes and publishes/presents nationally and internationally on maternal mental health and wellness. Gina directs a counselling and consulting practice devoted to adolescent girls and women. She is a Board of Director with the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement and Demeter Press and is an Advisory Board member with the Journal of Motherhood Initiative. She is the Alberta Co-coordinator with Postpartum Support International and directs the Disordered Eating and Body Image Treatment (DEBIT) Program. Gina resides in Edmonton, Alberta with her two young daughters.

Sneak Peek

Moms Gone Mad: Motherhood and Madness
Oppression and Resistance
Preliminary Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Reformation of Motherhood and Madness: Matroreform—Gina Wong

  • Mothers, Madness, and the Labour of Feminist Practice: Responding to Women in the Perinatal Period-- Jules Smith and Marina Morrow

  • The Space Between: Mothering in the Context of Contradiction? -- Joanne Minaker

  • The First Rule Is That a Mother Should Govern Her Own Feelings”: Modern Child-Rearing Advice and the Discipline of Maternal Emotions-- Roblyn Rawlins

  • Creating a Space for Mothers Whose Children Have Died by Suicide-- Donna Johnson and Helen Levine

  • Blaming No ‘Body’: Motherhood and Disordered Eating—Gina Wong and Shelly Russell-Mayhew

  • Single Mothers, Stereotypes, and the Insanity of Raising a Child on Your Own—Ellen Hauser

  • Outlaw(ing) Motherhood: A Theory and Politic of Maternal Empowerment for the 21st Century (reprinted)—Andrea O’Reilly

  • The Persistence and Destructiveness of Mother-Blame within Psychological Theory-- Regina Edmonds

  • Postpartum Depression: Culture as Dominate Risk Factor—Gina Wong, Karine Bordua, and Caroline Sandhurst

  • Fractured Motherhood-- Alison Watts

  • (Im)Balancing Act: Caregiving, Depression, and Stress while Mothering Children with Special Needs-- Jennifer Silverman

  • Postpartum Psychosis: A Mother of Madness—Gina Wong and Teresa Twomey

  • Daughters of Depression: Life Inside the Bell Jar-- Nancy Gerber

  • Misplaced Blame: Maternal Depression, Mother-Child Interaction and Attachment—Nicole Letourneau and Gerald Giesbrecht

  • Envious Mothers, Beautiful, High-Spirited Daughters: The First Step Towards Women’s Inhumanity to Women (revised and reprinted)-- Phyllis Chesler

  • Culture Representations of Childlessness: Stories of Motherhood Resistance—Grace Bosibori Nyamongo

  • Mocking Mom: Joke or Hate Speech (revised and reprinted)--Paula Caplan

  • Call Me Crazy (reprinted play)—Paula Caplan

  • The Killing of a Woman: An Organized Crime—Naomi Binder Wall

  • The Mother/Child Papers Revisited (revised and reprinted)-- Alicia Ostriker