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Breastfeeding Support

Kelowna Breastfeeding Cafe

First Tuesday of every month
10:00am - 12:00pm
Kelowna Community Resources 1735 Dolphin Avenue
Drop-in  Free!

Third Thursday of every month
12:00pm - 12:00pm
At Malachite Midwives 1955 Bowes Street
Drop-in  Free!

The Kelowna Breastfeeding Cafe strives to be a relaxed, non-judgemental and informative place for moms to find breastfeeding support. Whether you are an expectant mom, brand new mom, or a more seasoned mom, we welcome you! Enjoy a free tea/coffee and come out to create relationships with other moms in your community.

Join us to discuss challenges or concerns, share triumphs, and swap “secrets” you have discovered on your breastfeeding journey. We look forward to meeting all you fabulous moms, babies, and mamas to be!


Public Health Nursing Kelowna Breastfeeding Clinic
Rutland Health Centre - 155 Gray Road

Tuesdays & Fridays 9:00am - 12:00pm

Access to the Kelowna Breastfeeding Clinic is now by appointment. 
If you have questions or concerns about breastfeeding your baby contact the Clinic to book an appointment. 

The Kelowna Breastfeeding Clinic is staffed with Public Health Nurses who have additional training in breastfeeding and provide individual assessments and counseling to new parents. The nurses will weigh your baby before and after a feeding session to determine how much nourishment your baby is receiving as well as answering all of your questions and addressing all of your breastfeeding concerns.


La Leche League - Kelowna

First Wednesday of every month
At the Parent Place 630 Cadder Avenue
Babies always welcome!

There are more than 200 La Leche League Canada Groups in communities across the country, providing up-to-date breastfeeding information and personalized support from pregnancy through weaning.
As well as informal meetings, La Leche League Canada offers telephone assistance at any time and home/hospital visits if needed. All La Leche League services are free of charge.


Maternity Care Westside

Breastfeeding Support Centre
Tuesdays 10:00am - 1:00pm
FREE drop in Breastfeeding Support Centre on the Westside! Breastfeeding parents can drop in and receive education, social support and medical care.
Supporting Mothers, supporting families.