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Counselling Services

Kelowna Family Centre

The Kelowna Family Centre provides affordable counselling to adults, children and families to help them with personal and family problems. We have both groups and individual counselling to meet your needs.
We provide professional individual and group counselling services to adults, children and families.  Please see the website or call the Centre for further information.
Women's Services
Various Support Groups

Birds & Bees & Beyond
Education & Consulting
Katie Domries, M.Ed., Child & Family Therapist

From potty talk to private parts to personal space to perverts to puberty to pornography to the pill! Developing optimal sexual health knowledge is something that is so important for children and youth, yet something that is often not adequately addressed. Teaching our children appropriate safety skills in order to help prevent abuse can also be
challenging, because for many of us, it's something we'd really rather not think about. These topics tend to make us shy away because those conversations can be awkward and embarrassing and/or we just don't have enough developmentally appropriate information to feel comfortable talking to our children about it.
That's where I come in! Giving you the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively and appropriately talk to your children about physical/sexual health related topics and to help teach them safety skills, equipping them with tools that will benefit them greatly in many areas of life. You will feel more confident in your knowledge and in your ability to develop an open dialogue with your child that will continue as they grow. You will come away from the workshops feeling confident and empowered!


Stepping Stones Counselling Group

Pacific Postpartum Support Society

PPSS offers Telephone support for Perinatal Mood Disorders to all residents of BC:
Experienced postpartum counsellors offer telephone counselling, postpartum support information and referrals to women and their families, six days a week. Women may self-refer but many referrals also come from physicians and public health nurses. An initial intake call is a way for the client to connect with the counsellor and assess if our services are a fit for them. This might result in follow up support based on the client’s needs. Our Society handles approximately 3500 telephone calls annually. Our telephone support line for Metro Vancouver (Lower Mainland) is 604-255-7999. We are excited to be able to offer a new toll free line 1.855.255.7999 to women and families throughout BC. Our phone support hours are Monday- Friday 10am- 4 pm & Saturday, on call from 12am- 4pm.


-Jules Smith

Postpartum Counsellor who works by telephone, skype, email and in person from BC.