PMDA Support & Education Groups

The PMDA Support Group Project is currently in Pilot Project Status. PMDA is looking for volunteers & support for this project, if you are interested in contributing please contact the Founding Director at Thank you!

How to Register:

To register for any PMDA Support Group, please fill out the Registration Form & Waiver below:

Support Group Registration Form
Support Group Waiver

Registration is Required for all PMDA Support Groups.
Please fill out & submit your forms & wait to be contacted before attending a support group.
Thank you, We look forward to meeting & helping you!

The PMDA Support & Education Group Program is designed to provide support & education for Posptartum Depression and Perinatal Mood Disorders for Individuals & Families across Canada.
Our support groups provide a safe, warm, welcoming environment for women, their babies & children, and their partners. By providing a safe place for open sharing of experiences and resources, we hope to help participants on their path of healing and connect them to any help or support they may need. More over, through education, we aim to inform and prepare participants should they experience the illness again with subsequent pregnancies. PMDA Support Groups are a Free service provided by PMDA to the public.

Register today - have a place to be heard, to receive information, support, understanding, and an opportunity to connect with others! Postpartum Depression needs to be spoken about and shared!

PMDA Support & Education Groups aim to help individuals & families affected by all types of Perinatal Mood Disorders including: depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychosis. Our groups are open to:
-Expecting women
-Anyone currently suffering from a perinatal mood disorder
-Anyone seeking prevention for perinatal mood disorders
**Participants are welcome to bring their babies, children, partners and support people**

Where:  Coming Soon

"When changes to We...  Illness becomes Wellness!"