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PMDA Executive

The PMDA Executive is the Executive Body that governs the course of the Organization, it's Awareness work, and it's Events.

Tascheleia Marangoni
Founding Director

Please see About the Founder...

Isabella Marangoni

As daughter of the founder, I see firsthand everything that my Mom is trying to accomplish, and I truly admire her for it! I may not be a Mother who has dealt with perinatal mood disorders, but after seeing my own Mother experience PMDs, I feel very passionate about increasing awareness for them. Mothers are raising our next generation, in many respects they are the silent driving force of our world; but while Mothers are so busy caring for everybody else, who is caring for them? They go through so much from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond, I think Mothers are not revered enough in society! 

George Thomson, BCS
Director of IT

George Thomson is the owner of Senkrad Software and has been a software developer for over 20 years.  He is committed to supporting PPDA after watching his wife suffer from a variety of postpartum mood disorders and seeing how difficult it was for her to find support & help. George strongly believes in PPDA's vision & goals and is proud to help in any way that he can!